Once upon a time…


Apart from your ordinary stories that begin with “Once upon a time…”, our story starts on campus… our university campus. Maybe that is not the exact place, but that is the most probable assumption, considering the protagonists are students. Freshmen, to be more precise.

Raul, Ionut and Cristina, computer science students, wanted to create a game. Actually, Raul came up with the idea, Ionut eventually agreed to it and Cristina was the last one to join. But it wasn’t just a simple wish… The idea quickly blossomed into something more than a game…

We are Dream Crafters and we are weaving mythology, philosophy, psychology, game design, visual arts and sound together into an illusion for the player to immerse himself into. But maybe you would like to find out more about each member’s contribution. Cristina is the 3D, 2D and concept artist, Ionut designs the puzzles and also plays the role of the coding bear (because a monkey is small and agile) and last, but certainly not the least, Raul is the game designer, technical artist and programmer.

Our first, and current project is entitled Elysian Fields which is a slow-paced first person puzzle/exploration game. The story begins with a lost soul, who has forgotten who he is, searching desperately for a place to rest. But in order to be granted access in the much sought Elysium, he must first prove himself worthy of such an honor.

All the elements of the game, from music and sound to visual assets and story, are crafted so that they are guiding the player in a journey that has as goal reaching a state of self-awareness and bliss. He will get to experience a vast spectrum of emotions, starting with loneliness, sorrow, melancholy, emotional attachment, regret and shifting towards joy, fulfilment and love as he gets closer to the end of the game.

We’ve  submitted a prototype of our game for the Imagine Cup online competition and we hope for the best. However, failure would not mean the end. We are determined to continue this project whatever the outcome.

This is the beginning of our story, a story that we are continuously living and writing. We hope that you will join us throughout the development of our game. We will make sure to keep you up to date regarding the current state of development and we will use your invaluable feedback along the way.

3 thoughts on “Once upon a time…

  1. mnapolitano10 says:

    I stumbled upon this and think it sounds awesome! Good luck in the competition! I’m an aspiring game designer and hope I can get to this point someday.

  2. tocutmd says:

    “Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into it’s secrets, for it and knowledge can raise the man to the Divine.” These are the words that are written on my bedroom wall to remind me that I’m not like the others, I don’t want a job, I want a profession, a passion, written in every nucleus of every cell of my body. Following your dreams with excellence is the key for success in this world where everything is for sale. Keep up the good work guys, and congratulations on this project.

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